Plugable Thunderbolt 4 & USB4 Quad Display Docking Station With 98W Charging

Plugable Thunderbolt 4 & USB4 Quad Display Docking Station With 98W Charging

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Product Description

The Thunderbolt Certified 16-in-1 Quad docking station from Plugable delivers peak performance. The innovation starts with our display connections. Connect your 4K screens through 2x HDMI ports and 2x DisplayPort ports - a rare level of display flexibility in a Thunderbolt dock. But the real expansion picks up at the ports. Offering sixteen total ports to park your peripherals, including 7x USB ports, SD and microSD card readers, Audio, and 2.5Gbps Ethernet. It even adapts to your desk with an included stand for vertical or horizontal orientation options.

Quad Display

With this Thunderbolt 4 docking station Windows computers can use the 2x HDMI ports, and 2x DisplayPort ports to connect as many as 4x screens at up to 4K 60Hz. Can also be used a single, dual, or triple display docking station.

On Mac (Intel, M1 Pro/Max CPU), extend your desktop to 2x screens using any combination of HDMI and/or DisplayPort. Macs with an M1 or M2 CPU only support one external display.

Charge Up with 100W Power Delivery

The laptop Thunderbolt docking station offers USB Power Delivery up to 100W (98W certified) - no more climbing under the desk to get plugged in.

Not all laptop docking stations handle power the same. With the TBT4-UDZ, if your laptop needs less power, the docking station adjusts and only sends the optimal wattage.

And with 6x available USB ports, and one USB-C port, your devices will always have a place to connect.

16 Ports to Power Productivity

The complement of available ports on the TBT4-UDZ has you covered. From a convenient spot to plug in your phone, to waving bye-bye to the spotty wifi with 2.5Gbps Ethernet.

Get connected with:

  • 2x HDMI
  • 2x DisplayPort
  • 1x Thunderbolt 4 (to host)
  • 1x USB-C (10Gbps)
  • 3x USB (10Gbps)
  • 2x USB (5Gbps)
  • 1x USB 2.0 (charging)
  • SD and microSD Card Slots
  • Audio In/Out
  • Gigabit Ethernet (2.5Gbps)

Actual Ethernet port speed determined by driver version and host model.

For best results be sure to download the latest Ethernet drivers (which can be found on the Plugable website). To reach 2.5Gbps speeds, a 2.5Gbps Ethernet switch or 2.5Gbps network router is required.

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