Panasonic Short Throw LCD Projector - 16:10 - Floor Mountable, Ceiling Mountable, Desktop

Panasonic Short Throw LCD Projector - 16:10 - Floor Mountable, Ceiling Mountable, Desktop

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Product Description

Project Anywhere Instantly from Short Distances

Clear Pictures, No Shadows

Project an 80-inch image from a distance of just 73 cm1 (2.40 ft) right off your desktop. Thanks to the short-throw-lens, you no longer have to worry if your body is casting a shadow on the screen. The short-throw design is a perfect fit in small rooms, projecting a large 100-inch image without shadows from a distance of 93 cm2 (3.05 ft). With up to 4,000 lm3 of laser brightness, 3,000,000:14 Dynamic Contrast, and WUXGA5 resolution, TMZ400 Series delivers clear, sharp, vivid pictures with lights on and blinds open.

Easy for Everyone to Use

TMZ400 Series combines TV-like convenience with easy portability. Its body width and depth are not much larger than a laptop computer, and it weighs just 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs), light enough to take wherever you need to go, and easy to install on the ceiling. Setup is simple: just set on a desktop, connect the source, and start presenting.

Start Work Instantly

Start your class or meeting instantly without distracting delays that lose the group's attention. Unlike lamp-based projectors, which take time to start up, TMZ400 Series projects your content about one second1 after powering on from standby thanks to its SOLID SHINE Laser light source. It also features a Direct Off function, so you can turn the projector off any time via the room breaker.

Quiet Operation Keeps People Focused

TMZ400 Series includes a Quiet Mode that reduces operating noise to as little as 24 dB1-the same apparent loudness as rustling leaves. The projector fits unobtrusively into your environment and minimizes distractions even when the group is seated close by the projector. Quiet projection helps keep attention focused on the presentation, whether your class or colleagues are in the room or participating remotely.

Digital Zoom Extender Adds Digital Image Shift Function

Digital Zoom Extender evolves with a new Digital Image Shift function. It provides a convenient workaround when it's not possible to install the projector at the center of the screen due to light fittings or air-conditioning vents on the ceiling, or in cases where the ceiling is too high. You can digitally shift the image 10% up or down and 10% left or right so it fits on your screen using the projector remote control.

Digital Zoom Extender function allows you to keep the same mount position as your old projector even if it's too far from the screen, saving construction work. It extends throw-distance past the range of optical zoom so the image is projected at the desired size on your screen. TMZ400 Series uses the same mount and attachment bracket as the conventional lamp-based PT-TW381R Series, so you if you're updating, you can bolt the new projector straight in and use Digital Zoom Extender to fit the image on screen.

  • Crisp, Sharp Images less waste and Text at WUXGA1 : With 4,000 lm2, 3,000,000:111 Dynamic Contrast, and Daylight View Basic, TMZ400 Series has power to cut through bright ambient light and deliver sharp, clear pictures. WUXGA1 LCD panels display content at its original aspect ratio and clearly define text for easy visibility
  • Efficient Reliability with Minimal Maintenance : SOLID SHINE Laser and reusable ECO Filter last for 20,000 hours9 with no lamp or filter maintenance hassle. With eco-friendly 240 W power consumption that's 20 %10 lower than conventional lamp-based models, TMZ400 Series supports sustainable projection at lower cost and with less waste.
  • Project Anywhere Instantly from Short Distance : Project an 80-inch image from 73 cm5 (2.40 ft) and avoid shadows on screen. Compact 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs) body is highly portable and easy to install with Digital Zoom Extender and Image Shift6 function. Start work instantly: project from standby in about one second7 and hold attention with quiet 24 dB8 operation

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