Monoprice 12ft RCA Plug-Jack M-F Cable - Black -

Monoprice 12ft RCA Plug-Jack M-F Cable - Black

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Product Description

Despite the introduction of more advanced audio and video signal cables, such as HDMI® and Toslink, most audio and a large number of video connections still use the common RCA connector.

This is a single-channel cable with a male RCA plug on one end and a female RCA jack on the other end, each with molded connector housings and strain relief boots. The cable is ideal for extending low-frequency RCA connections, such as standard audio signals. For higher-frequency signals, such as for RF or composite video, over longer lengths we recommend the use of one of our premium RG-6 or RG-59 based cables.

  • Offers exceptional connection and upright compatibility with audio equipment
  • Features RCA cable type
  • Protects the plug and socket from dust when plugged in
  • With 1 x RCA Female Audio connector, it is compatible with an audio device

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