Mellanox ConnectX-6 EN 200Gigabit Ethernet Card

Mellanox ConnectX-6 EN 200Gigabit Ethernet Card

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Product Description
World's first 200GbE Ethernet network interface card, enabling industry-leading performance smart offloads and in-network computing for Cloud, Web 2.0, Big Data, Storage and Machine Learning applications

ConnectX-6 EN provides up to two ports of 200GbE connectivity, sub 0.8usec latency and 215 million messages per second, enabling the highest performance and most flexible solution for the most demanding data center applications.

ConnectX-6 is a groundbreaking addition to the Mellanox ConnectX series of industry-leading adapter cards. In addition to all the existing innovative features of past versions, ConnectX-6 offers a number of enhancements to further improve performance and scalability, such as support for 200/100/50/40/25/10/1 GbE Ethernet speeds and PCIe Gen 4.0. Moreover, ConnectX-6 Ethernet cards can connect up to 32-lanes of PCIe to achieve 200Gb/s of bandwidth, even on Gen 3.0 PCIe systems.

Cloud and Web 2.0

Environments Telco, Cloud and Web 2.0 customers developing their platforms on Software Defined Network (SDN) environments are leveraging the Virtual Switching capabilities of the Operating Systems on their servers to enable maximum flexibility in the management and routing protocols of their networks.

Open vSwitch (OVS) is an example of a virtual switch that allows Virtual Machines to communicate among themselves and with the outside world. Software-based virtual switches, traditionally residing in the hypervisor, are CPU intensive, affecting system performance and preventing full utilization of available CPU for compute functions.

To address this, ConnectX-6 offers ASAP - Mellanox Accelerated Switch and Packet Processing® technology to offload the vSwitch/vRouter by handling the data plane in the NIC hardware while maintaining the control plane unmodified. As a result, significantly higher vSwitch/vRouter performance is achieved without the associated CPU load.

The vSwitch/vRouter offload functions supported by ConnectX-5 and ConnectX-6 include encapsulation and de-capsulation of overlay network headers, as well as stateless offloads of inner packets, packet headers re-write (enabling NAT functionality), hairpin, and more.

In addition, ConnectX-6 offers intelligent flexible pipeline capabilities, including programmable flexible parser and flexible match-action tables, which enable hardware offloads for future protocols.
  • Up to 200GbE connectivity per port
  • Maximum bandwidth of 200Gb/s
  • Up to 215 million messages/sec
  • Sub 0.8usec latency
  • Block-level XTS-AES mode hardware encryption
  • Optional FIPS-compliant adapter card
  • Support both 50G SerDes (PAM4) and 25G SerDes (NRZ) based ports
  • Best-in-class packet pacing with sub-nanosecond accuracy
  • PCIe Gen4/Gen3 with up to x32 lanes
  • RoHS compliant

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