Logitech Zone Learn Headset

Logitech Zone Learn Headset

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Meet the new Logitech Wired Headsets that are designed for learning and built for schools. With a comfortable, micro-adjustable fit, audio designed for educational applications, and a fully swappable, upgradeable design, Zone Learn is built for sustained focus and long-term use. Plug-and-play capabilities include 3.5 mm AUX, USB-A, and USB-C cable options, so it works across most devices, operating systems, and conferencing platforms.


Students finally have a headset that's made for them. With soft, comfortable ear pads that kids love, Zone Learn is designed for the deep, sustained learning that students need to excel in school. It's specifically designed for smaller head sizes to meet the needs of younger learners. And, it's also durable enough to hold up against the activities of a typical school day.


Zone Learn offers a comfortable fit and unique listening experience for uninterrupted and sustained learning for learners of all ages. It features a choice of padded leatherette ear pads (swappable on-ear, or over-ear pads); an ultra-soft comfort layer, even weight distribution, and micro-articulating ear cups that move in all directions to help students meet learning outcomes.

  • For learners ages 8-10, high ambient noise leads to "significantly worse standardized test results" after accounting for variables
  • Students in sound-amplified classrooms scored an average of 35% higher on the Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy Skill


The adjustable slider arms allow for an optimal fit, especially for smaller head sizes. The headset stays in an optimal position so students can focus on learning.

  • Headband arc and sizing are designed for smaller heads, while ear pad sizing accommodates smaller ears
  • Angled alignment conforms to the shape of the ear


Zone Learn has audio drivers tuned for vocal clarity rather than music, so it's optimal for digital learner applications, such as reading, testing, ESL/ELL, and other language learning apps. The rigid boom mic is designed for better pickup and vocal clarity, with a gasket and noise-suppression filter.

  • Students aged 6-12 require sound to be 300% louder than background noise
  • Poor audio quality has a direct negative impact on student engagement


Zone Learn is designed for durability as well as comfort, fit, and audio experience. It has a rigid boom mic and precise cable length for extended use in classrooms. We extensively tested the cables against all the usual classroom wear and tear so they can survive getting bent- and even chewed on. Zone Learn has also been tested for repeated use of cleaners, so it can be used and cleaned over and over again without wearing down. It's made to survive the rigors of a typical school day-regardless of where learning is taking place.

  • Military-grade and drop-tested up to 4 feet
  • Tested to withstand 3 years of daily cleaning

More from the Manufacturer

  • Provides exceptional quality sound with greater immersion
  • On-ear earpiece design ensures maximum convenience and optimal performance
  • Polyurethane ear cushion material to offer great versatility and allow creativity and innovation in design and construction
  • Your voice will be heard loud and clear with the boom microphone design to ensure maximum Headset usage efficiency
  • Noise cancellation enables you to enjoy an exceptional audio experience with maximum usability and reliance
  • Omni-directional microphone technology ensures easy, convenient talking with maximum efficiency
  • USB Type C host interface ensures dependable data transfer for maximum efficiency
  • Immense yourself in quality sound with this stereo headset
  • Circumaural design provides optimum comfort and noise isolation
  • Comfortable feature for your convenience and ease of usage

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