Logitech Signature M650 L for Business (Off-White) - Brown Box

Logitech Signature M650 L for Business (Off-White) - Brown Box

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Product Description

Wireless mouse designed to improve productivity, comfort and overall employee experience.


People who spend many hours at their desk.


  • Contoured shape offered in two sizes (medium and large-right hand only for B2B)
  • Helps improve productivity by 50% and speed by 30% compared to a laptop touchpad
  • Precision and speed scrolling with SmartWheel
  • Comfort shape and feel with rubber side grips
  • 90% less "clicky" with SilentTouch technology
  • Customizable side buttons3 with Logi Options+
  • Wireless with 2 ways to connect: Logi Bolt USB receiver, Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless Technology
  • Logi Bolt is Security Mode 1, Security Level 4 and the Logi Bolt USB receiver is pre-paired out-ofbox
  • 24-month battery life with a single AA battery
  • Pair up to 6 Logi Bolt products with 1 Logi Bolt receiver

  • Designed For Sustainability: The parts in the Signature M650 include certified post- consumer recycled plastic to reduce our carbon footprint(2)
  • Works On Multiple Platforms: Seamless compatibility with Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPadOS, and Android
  • Size and Comfort: Mouse users have 25% less forearm muscle activity than laptop touchpad users. That means less fatigue and more comfort. Available in two sizes
  • Increased Productivity: People are 50% more productive and work 30% faster using a mouse vs a laptop touchpad
  • Built For Scale: Certified in more than 100 countries, support to IT pros & business users, remote mass deploy & manage DFUs and Logitech Options app
  • Enterprise Secure: Logi Bolt wireless technology addresses rising enterprise security concerns with Secure Connections Only Mode-Bluetooth Low Energy Security Mode 1, Level 4 protection
  • Ideal For: IT departments that want to ensure high-performance, secure wireless connections, and end-users who want to remain comfortable while working long hours

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