LG 31HN713D-B 31" LCD Monitor - 3:2

LG 31HN713D-B 31" LCD Monitor - 3:2

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Product Description

31-inch 12MP IPS Display | Designed for Mammography

The 12MP display creates a clear image that allows details to be visible.


31-inch 12MP IPS Display
Self-calibration with Front Sensor


Focus View
Picture by Picture & Dual Controller


6 Hot Key
Ergonomic Design

Accurate Imaging | Multi-resolution Mode | Multi-resolution Mode for Compatibility

Diagnostic monitors often need to be connected to various modalities, sometimes with differing resolutions. The 31HN73D-B has a multi-resolution mode you can adjust to optimize to the connected device.

Pathology Mode | Realistic Color Reproduction

In Pathology Mode, the 31HN713D-B Diagnostic Monitor reproduces virtually the same level of detail and color as seen directly under a microscope.

Self-calibration | Consistency in Medical Images

The front-sensor allows for automatic, self-calibration without the need for additional measuring equipment. Get quality and consistency of medical images that are displayed by maintaining accurate values.

Presence Sensor

The Presence Sensor on the 31HN713D-B diagnostic monitor automatically turns off the display when no motion is detected. Be more secure against exposing patient information and other sensitive data with this feature.

Auto Luminance Sensor

Auto Luminance sensor measures the backlight brightness stability and automatically compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by aging for a consistently stable display during the usage life.

Focus View | Fully Focus on the Important part

LG 31HN713D-B includes the Focus View Mode which allows you to review a specific part of the medical image more closely. This allows professionals to focus fully on the important part of the image to help achieve a more accurate and efficient diagnosis.

Down Lighting & Wall Lighting | Optimal Reading Condition

Down and Wall Lighting Modes help reduce the contrast between the monitor brightness and ambient lighting conditions, allowing you to work comfortably without having to adjust the lighting to view paper documents in the darkroom.

6 Hot Keys | Intuitive Control

The 31HN713D-B's 6 Hot Keys make changing between screen modes easy. The 6 Hot Keys are quick and easy to operate while working, allowing you to change mode, screen resolution, and lighting settings without disrupting your workflow.

Easy to Install and Ergonomic Design

The One-Click Stand and ultra-lightweight body make installing the 31HN713D-B simple. The ergonomically designed stand allows users to freely adjust the tilt, height, and swivel.

  • 31-inch 12MP (4200x2800) IPS Display
  • Multi-resolution Mode (12/6MP)
  • 1080 cd/? (Typ.)
  • Pathology Mode, Focus View Mode
  • Lighting (Down/Wall Lighting)

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