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Kantek SVL17.0W Notebook Privacy Filter

  • $ 67.99

Product Description

Privacy filter for notebooks blacks out image to prevent unauthorized viewing. Helps ensure the privacy of on-screen data on your Notebooks. Micro-Louver technology creates a narrow viewing angle so image is only visible to those directly in front of the screen. Side view is black. Protects delicate LCD surface from damage. Eliminates glare and increases contrast. Overlays LCD surface for a "built-in" look. Notebook computer can be closed while filter remains attached. Simple installation. Privacy filter is easily removed.

  • Privacy Screen Filter - Perfect for open, high-movement situations or wherever on-screen information should be kept private
  • Privacy Screen Filter - Fits screens measuring up to 17"
  • Anti-glare - Improves screen perceivability by cutting reflections and glare from shining light

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