IOGEAR Share Pro Mini Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver Kit -

IOGEAR Share Pro Mini Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver Kit

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Product Description

Share Video From Your HDMI®-Enabled Laptop or Tablet to a Larger TV

IOGEAR's Share Pro™ Mini Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver eliminates unsightly, expensive HDMI cable runs to a laptop, tablet or other AV source in the home, office or on-the-go. Effortlessly share full HD content wirelessly from an HDMI-enabled source to a larger in-room TV or display up to 40 feet away. Create a dedicated, high-speed AV connection without an existing wireless network. Share Pro also travels to meetings, class or on vacation thanks to its portable, compact design.

From a Small Screen to a Large Screen

Share HD content with guests, coworkers or classmates from your HDMI-enabled laptop, tablet or other AV source to a larger in-room screen up to 40 feet away for effortless expanded or mirrored viewing.

Flexible Wireless Eliminates Cables

Enjoy the freedom to place your TV in a temporary location or quickly change your sources while eliminating unsightly cables running through your home or office. Share Pro connects via advanced, business class 5 GHz wireless technology ensuring reduced interference between other wireless devices while supporting stable, reliable connections.

Simple, Straightforward Setup

Installation is fast and straightforward - simply connect the transmitter to your laptop, tablet or other AV source, connect the receiver to your TV and enjoy a large screen experience. Share Pro creates its own dedicated wireless network and is not reliant on an existing in-building Wi-Fi network. Just plug in and play!

Take It on the Road

About the size of a pack of gum, Share Pro transmitters and receivers discretely travel with you to meetings, class and even on vacation. Their low-profile design makes them ideal for use in a variety of home and business applications.

  • Wirelessly share full HD content from an HDMI laptop or tablet to a larger TV or display
  • Eliminate the need and expense of running unsightly HDMI cables
  • Connect temporary or permanent sources and a TV/display without wires
  • Mirror or expand content to a larger screen for effortless viewing
  • Reaches an in-room wireless range of up to 40 feet

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