IO Crest 10 Gigabit 10GBase-T NBASE-T Ethernet PCI-E x4 Network Card

IO Crest 10 Gigabit 10GBase-T NBASE-T Ethernet PCI-E x4 Network Card

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Product Description

The SD-PEX24055 NIC supports 10GBASE-T Ethernet in compliance with the IEEE 802.3an standard, as well as 5 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet speeds over standard Cat 5e and Cat 6 copper cables. Compliant to the IEEE 802.3bz standard ratified in September 2016, the SD-PEX24055 NIC is also backwards-compatible with legacy 1000BASE-T Ethernet. The AQN-107 is a single-chip, single-port, high-performance PCIe 3.0 Multi-Gig 10GBASE-T/5GBASE-T/2.5GBASE-T/ 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet adapter. It incorporates Aquantia's AQrate PHY technology to deliver 10 GbE, 5 GbE and 2.5 GbE network connectivity speeds over 100 m with zero change required for legacy cabling. Speeds ranging from 5 GbE to 100 M are supported by Cat 5e cabling while 10GbE requires a minimum of Cat6 with Cat 6a running up to 100 m.

  • Integrated PCIe, MAC, and PHY solution enables power- and space-efficient connectivity for client systems
  • IEEE® 802.3bz and NBASE-T compliant AQrate PHY supporting 10GBASE-T/5GBASE-T/2.5GBASE-T/1000BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX
  • SD-PEX24055 is ideally suited for client PCs and workstations used for data intensive computing in numerous verticals including multimedia, education, medical, financial, industrial design and gaming applications.
  • Compliance - IEEE 802.3bz - NBASE-T, IEEE 802.3x - flow control, IEEE 802.1P - quality of service, IEEE 802.1QAV - AVB.
  • Features Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP)/1588v2.
  • Performs all the physical layer functions required to implement 10GBASE-T/5GBASE-T/2.5GBASE-T/1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX transmission over 100 meters of twisted pair cabling.

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