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Icy Dock ToughArmor MB996SK-6SB Drive Enclosure for 5.25" - Serial ATA-600 Host Interface Internal - Black

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Product Description

Data security is essential for any business. In environments such as military and medical, hardware protection is necessary to protect critical data from data loss. The ToughArmor MB996SK-6SB ruggedized full-metal drive enclosure features an individual metal locking mechanism for each of its 6 bays. MB996SK-6SB gives you total control over the physical protection of your hard drives and SSDs, including a user-controllable fan to maintain optimal drive temperatures, LED status lights, and a drive anti-vibration mechanism to protect drives in mobile environments, ideal for use in servers, workstation PCs, mobile and portable computer systems, in-vehicle systems, and any application requiring a high level of physical data security.

High Capacity Storage in Limited Space

Utilizing the standard 5.25" bay form factor, the compact design allows the enclosure to be used in various applications, catering to a wide audience. The MB996SK-6SB excels for use in advanced RAID applications such as building dual RAID 5 arrays or high performance 4 drives in RAID 0 plus RAID 1 array for back up, all in a single external 5.25" bay. The MB996SK-6SB is extremely useful for powerful small servers, gaming rigs, home servers or HTPC's due to its high capacity and space saving design. It is also perfect for users who needs non-RAID JBOD storage and save different contents in different drive locations. It supports wide-range of applications which is the true value of the MB996SK-6SB.

High Security

The metal key-lock mechanism adds a layer of physical security to your data, providing access control ensuring that only authorized key holders can access drives. Locking trays protects against accidental or malicious drive ejection, protecting against data loss that can happen if a drive is ejected during an active transfer.

Built Tough

As part of ICY DOCK's toughest line, the ToughArmor MB996SK-6SB uses a rugged full-metal construction throughout the chassis and trays, ensuring a long usable life capable of withstanding the bumps and movement found in rugged environments. ToughArmor is specifically designed for industrial applications operating in strenuous conditions, such as military, avionics systems, factory and warehouse machinery, and applications requiring a flammability rating.

Packed with Features

ToughArmor MB996SK-6SB features a strong 40mm user-adjustable cooling fan with high, low, and off settings, easily configurable for different environments whether you need high heat dissipation or silent operation. While ventilation holes on the tray work with the cooling fan for maximum ejection of heat. The heat dissipation properties inherent to the metal chassis further assists cooling.

Active Power Technology (APT) allows each LED and the cooling fan to be active only when a hard drive is inserted into the same bay of the enclosure.

The EZ-Slide Micro with Metal Lock trays makes driver interchangeability and maintenance completely hassle free. The Eagle Hook latching mechanisms works together with the metal key-lock mechanism to securely hold drives and prevent unauthorized access, protecting your sensitive data.

To accommodate a wider variety of computer systems, two 4-pin to 15-pin power adapters are included to support either Molex or SATA power cables.

  • Perfect solution for your storage needs. Offers great customization according to your storage needs.
  • Mounts internally, providing a speedy data transfer for faster and smoother read and write functionality

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