HP 410 Slim Silver Bluetooth Mouse (4M0X5AA)

HP 410 Slim Silver Bluetooth Mouse (4M0X5AA)

  • $ 42.99

Product Description

HP 410 Slim Silver Bluetooth Mouse (4M0X5AA)

Behold this sleek and stylish mouse with strong Bluetooth® 5 connectivity, easy navigation with multiple operating systems and a battery that lasts 12 months

Make a Strong Connection

Enjoy a strong and efficient connection without interference or lag. Bluetooth ® 5 is designed to play nice with all our other devices. Simple pairing and no dongle required.

One Mouse, All Systems Go

Now all you need is one versatile mouse to connect to any of your devices. Pair simply and confidently between operating system

Designed to Click With Everyone

Try this new slim and sleek mouse that comes in different colors and has a matte finish. It sports comfy grips on the side and works with either hand.

Any Surface, Any OS, Any Style | Accurate and Adaptable

Multi-Surface Sensor works on almost any surface and adjusts to your monitor's resolution

WWCB Certified

The Works With Chromebook badge on a device means it's optimized to work with your Chromebook and other Chrome OS device. Enjoy a seamless experience across Works With Chromebook certified accessories.Look for the Works With Chromebook badge and rest assured that it'll all work together

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity helps reduce the clutter of wires around your Notebook
  • SurfaceTrack movement detection for precise cursoring
  • The symmetrical shape lets left as well as right handers use mouse with ease

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