Epson ELPEC01 External Camera for Epson Large-Venue Laser Projectors

Epson ELPEC01 External Camera for Epson Large-Venue Laser Projectors

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Product Description

Add powerful, time-saving features to select projectors with this easy-to-install external camera.

The ELPEC01 makes achieving sophisticated projection applications easy. Built for use with select Epson interchangeable lens projectors, the ELPEC01 provides access to powerful projection tools that help speed up and simplify projector color calibration and geometric correction adjustment. Ideal for installations with multiple projectors, the ELPEC01 facilitates accurate color matching across networked projectors. The tiling assist tool is ideal for large or super wide displays via automated edge blending, while the stacking assist function allows for fast, simple stacking of two or more projectors to create a seamless image without the need for manual finetuning. Plus, with its easy-to-use design that doesn't require an angle of view adjustment, getting up and running has never been easier.

  • Significantly reduce installation labor - via access to powerful projector tools
  • Install and adjust multiple projectors - easily install multiple projectors with incredible accuracy
  • Easy, accurate color matching - using a separate camera for each projector, automatically adjust the picture for seamless color accuracy and brightness between multiple projectors, without the need for manual fine-tuning
  • Remote monitoring capabilities - camera allows for image capture for remote monitoring and remote maintenance
  • Attaches to select Epson UST lenses1 - providing access to camera assist functions
  • Enhanced flexibility - camera attaches to the front of select Epson interchangeable lens projectors1 that do not have a built-in camera
  • Access the powerful tiling assist2 and stacking assist3 functions - via the Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) application from Windows® or macOS®
  • Convenient access to projector tools - such as color calibration and screen matching
  • Fast installation - attach camera without tools or angle of view adjustment
  • Powerful, time-saving features - camera helps speed up and simplify projector color calibration, geometric correction adjustment and remote monitoring4

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