C2G TruLink Audio Amplifier (Plenum Rated)

C2G TruLink Audio Amplifier (Plenum Rated)

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Product Description

It's unfortunate but true - a lesson might be lost on students if they have trouble hearing the instructor. With the Trulink Audio Amplifier for classrooms students will remain attentive and better informed during class - no more disengaged learners. With maximum sound amplification, this cutting-edge system ensures consistent levels of audio through the classroom whether from the instructor, video or other multimedia source. Connects easily to classroom A/V equipment such as projectors, microphones, laptops or DVD players and ensures that each student has a quality learning experience. The Trulink Audio Amplifier is powerful enough to overcome background noise, poor room acoustics and even mild hearing loss in students.

  • Increases the strength of a weak electrical signal without affecting other characteristics
  • Hear your music in crisp detail with 20 kHz maximum frequency

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