C2G Dual Monitor Docking Station Kit - USB C to 4K HDMI, DisplayPort & VGA

C2G Dual Monitor Docking Station Kit - USB C to 4K HDMI, DisplayPort & VGA

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Product Description
The USB-C 7-in-1 Dual Display Dock Kit connects to USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 enabled laptops and includes the cable connectivity solution needed for up to two HDMI displays making it perfect for transforming your laptop into a full desktop solution through a single connection point. Perfect for setting up a workspace at the office or in the home.

The included HDMI and DisplayPort to HDMI cables allow this dual display dock kit to connect to one or two HDMI displays. The MST feature allows for three different display configurations on multiple monitors connected to a single source with a USB-C output. MST is great for multiple display desk setup â€" improving multitasking and productivity. The MST dual display feature supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz. The docking station will support 4K (3840 x 2160) at 30Hz resolution when using the DisplayPort or HDMI port independently. The USB-A ports are perfect for adding a keyboard/mouse combo, charging a phone, or connecting a storage device supporting SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps data transfers. The USB-C port supports SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps allowing for twice the amount of data in the same amount of time as the USB-A ports.

This USB-C Dual Display Dock supports connected devices, such as keyboards, mice, portable hard drives, and other peripherals, all while supporting up to 100W of power delivery to charge and power a laptop. The maximum power capacity depends on how much power the connected adapter can supply. This docking station includes a 60W USB-C power supply.

This docking station has been tested with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is compatible with all three operating systems â€" please note that the MST feature is only compatible with Windows.

4K HDMI: Connect to a 4K display using the included HDMI cable.
4K DisplayPort: Connect to a 4K display using the included DisplayPort to HDMI cable.
VGA: Connect to a VGA display via the VGA port.
1x USB-C: Connect storage devices and transfer data up to 10Gbps through the USB-C port.
1x USB-C Power Delivery: Power a laptop or tablet with up to 100W power delivery.
2x USB-A: Connect a keyboard/mouse combo, charge a phone, or connect to a storage device and transfer data up to 5Gbps.

  • C2G 5 Year Warranty
  • Dual Display Docking Station
  • Docking Station Kit for Laptops
  • VGA / USB A / USBC Ports
  • MST Laptop Docking Station
  • 6ft HDMI Cable / 6ft DisplayPort to HDMI Cable / 3ft USB C Cable
  • USB-C Docking Station Kit / 4K Dock Bundle
  • Power Delivery up to 100W

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