BTI Projector Lamp

BTI Projector Lamp

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3M: 78-6969-9464-5, 78-6969-9565-9, 78-6969-9599-8, 78-6969-9635-0, EP7640ILK, EP7740ILK, EP7740LK, EP7750LK, EP8749LK, IMAGE PRO 8046, IMAGEPRO8046, MP7640I, MP7650, MP7740I, MP7740IA, MP7750, MP8649, MP8748, MP8749, S40, S50 3M, S503M, X40, X40I, X50 3M, X503M

BOXLIGHT: CP-322I, CP-322IA, CP-634I, CP-635I

DUKANE: 456-215, 456-224, 456-227, 456-233, 456-234, EDP-S100, EDP-S30, EDP-S40, EDP-X210, IMAGEPRO 8046, IMAGEPRO 8049A, IMAGEPRO 8049B, IMAGEPRO 8062, IMAGEPRO 8751, IMAGEPRO 8755A, IMAGEPRO 8755B, IMAGEPRO 8802, IMAGEPRO8049A, IMAGEPRO8049B, IMAGEPRO8052, IMAGEPRO8062, IMAGEPRO8751, IMAGEPRO8755A, IMAGEPRO8755B, IMAGEPRO8801, IMAGEPRO8802


HITACHI: CP-HS1000, CP-HS1050, CP-HS1060, CP-HS1090, CP-HX1080, CP-HX1090, CP-HX1095, CP-HX1098, CP-HX2000, CP-S225, CP-S225A, CP-S225AT, CP-S225W, CP-S225WAT, CP-S225WT, CP-S317, CP-S318, CP-S318T, CP-S318W, CP-S318WT, CP-S327, CP-S328, CP-S370, CP-S370W, CP-X275, CP-X275T, CP-X275W, CP-X275WAT, CP-X275WT, CP-X327, CP-X327W, CP-X328, CP-X328T, CP-X328W, CP-X380, CP-X380W, CP-X385, CP-X385W, DT00461, DT00511, DT00521, ED-3250AT, ED-S317, ED-S3170, ED-S317A, ED-S317B, ED-X3250, ED-X3270, ED-X3270A, ED-X3280, ED-X3280AT

LIESEGANG: DV2102, DV245, DV255, DV345, DV355, DV425, DV455

VIEWSONIC: PJ500, PJ500-1, PJ500-2, PJ501, PJ501-1, PJ520, PJ550, PJ550-1, PJ550-2, PJ551, PJ551-1, PJ560, PJ650, PJ750, PJ750-2, PJ750-3, PRJ-RLC-001, RLC-150-003, RLU-150-001

HITACHI: 456-224, 78-6969-9463-7, DT00401, ZU0283 04 4010

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