Black Box Wizard Multimedia Extender LP 4-Port Transmitter -

Black Box Wizard Multimedia Extender LP 4-Port Transmitter

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Product Description

Wizard Multimedia Extender LP 4-Port Transmitter

Quick Facts
  • Distributes VGA video easily to four monitors.
  • Sends maximum resolutions at a maximum distance of 500 feet (152.4 m).
  • Transmits power to receivers. Great for areas short on outlets.
  • Also great for digital signage.

Further Details
  • Uses ordinary CATx cable-much cheaper than long VGA cable runs.
  • Enables flexible location of screens without compromising video quality.
  • Features feedthrough port for local monitoring or cascading units.
  • Supports cloning of EDID information from the remote displays.
  • Offers quick, easy setup. OS system independent.
  • Compact, durable steel enclosure.

Simplify multiscreen HD video extension with this CATx-based VGA distribution solution. The Wizard Multimedia Extender LP 4-Port Transmitter extends analog video as far as 500 feet (152.4 m) using solid-conductor CATx cable*.

Used with separately sold Wizard Multimedia Extender LP Receivers (AVU4001A-RX), the transmitter enables you to broadcast Full HD 1080p video to four screens in four locations over CATx wiring already installed in your building. It broadcasts maximum resolutions at maximum distances-going farther than what's ordinarily possible or practical with standard VGA cabling runs.

Even better, the receivers are line powered from the transmitter end over the CATx cable to the receivers, so power isn't required at the remote end. This feature makes the extender ideal for rooms where you're short on outlets, as well as reducing the number of cords around or behind screens.

In addition, the Wizard Multimedia Extender LP 4-Port Transmitter has a serial port that you use to switch remote video on and off. Doing this forces most VGA screens to go into standby mode, which, in turn, can help you save in utility costs and preserve the lives of your displays.

You can also attach a screen locally via the transmitter's feedthrough VGA port. Or use the feedthrough port to cascade to another Wizard Multimedia Extender LP 4-Port Transmitter-great in applications where you have more than four displays that you want to reach with your host system. You can cascade another transmitter to support up to eight screens.

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