Black Box USB to RS422/485 Converter with Opto-Isolation

Black Box USB to RS422/485 Converter with Opto-Isolation

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Product Description
  • Great for linking older serial devices to computers or laptops with USB ports.
  • Offers 2-wire RS-485 or 4-wire RS-422/RS-485 operation.
  • Holds connections tight with its high-retention USB connector.
  • USB 1.0, USB 1.1, and USB 2.0 compatible (12 Mbps).
  • Interface powered. No external power required.
  • Serial terminal block can be removed for easy wiring.
  • LEDs indicate transmitting and receiving of data.

This compact device quickly converts USB port connections to RS-422/485 so you can connect legacy serial devices to a newer PC or laptop. Continue to use legacy commercial and industrial RS-422/485 devices without making any changes to the applications written for them.

Plus, because it features 2000-volt optical isolation, you can protect your PC and other equipment from dangerous spikes and surges on the RS-485/RS-422 network.

Simply plug it into your PC's USB port using the included USB cable (3-ft.), then configure its DIP switches for 2- or 4-wire operation. The converter will show up as an additional COM port in your PC's Windows Device Manager.

  • Get the range and multidrop capability of RS-422/-485 from your PC's USB port
  • Also protects PCs and other connected devices from surges and spikes
  • Ideal for use in environments heavily susceptible to voltage spikes and ground loops

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