Black Box ServSwitch KVM Short-Range Extender Kit, USB -

Black Box ServSwitch KVM Short-Range Extender Kit, USB

  • $ 203.99

Product Description

ServSwitch‚Ñ¢ KVM Short-Range Extender Kit, USB

Quick Facts
  • This low-cost, high-quality video extender is perfect for short distances and limited budgets.
  • Enables you to place a CPU in a remote environment that is more secure or cleaner than where you work.
  • Place a keyboard, monitor, and mouse up to 75 feet (22.8 m) from a computer or KVM switch.
  • Connects the computer unit and console (station) unit via inexpensive Category 5 UTP cable.

Further Details
  • Hotkey adjusts video compensation for optimum signal quality for any length of cable within the limit.
  • LED indictator ensures smooth operation.
  • Beep sound confirms key control.
  • Supports common mice such as Microsoft¬Æ IntelliMouse¬Æ (Pro), Explorer, Optical, etc.
  • Compatible with XGA, VGA, and SVGA systems.
  • Also available in a PS/2¬Æ version.

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