Black Box Pro Switching Gang Switch Chassis - 4U, 18-Card Slot -

Black Box Pro Switching Gang Switch Chassis - 4U, 18-Card Slot

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Product Description
  • Supports CAT6 10-GbE as well as legacy RS-232 connections via optional modules.
  • Switch operates at Layer 1 and is transparent to data formats and protocols.
  • Choose a separately available Controller Card to control switching locally or remotely.
The Pro Switching System Plus is an intelligent ganged switching system consisting of a chassis and individual interface cards (order separately). The advanced design of this system gives you incredible operational flexibility and performance.

You can switch one card individually or switch the entire rack through a Controller Card. You can even daisychain multiple chassis to control up to 4080 individual ports.

The chassis includes a backplane for plugging in the cards. Just order the cards you need, as well as a Power Supply Module (or for redundancy, order two Power Supply Modules).

Switch securely.
For fail-safe operation, the system uses proprietary micro-mirror or latching relay switching technology. That means data can continue to pass through even if the power has been cut off.

The cards perform Layer 1 switching, so the system operates independently of data rates, protocols, formats, or signal levels.

The Controller Card.
The key to the system is the Controller Card. One is required for each 18-slot chassis, and it takes up two card slots. The Controller Card enables you to individually switch any port from the front panel, or gang switch the entire system.

For more capabilities, choose models with an RS-232 serial controller, or an SNMP-based Ethernet controller, which also includes GUI Switchcenter software. These intelligent cards enable you to switch from anywhere in the world via an RS-232 or IP connection.

Each chassis also has a keyed switch so you can enable/disable manual switching from the front-panel toggle switches.

Pick a card, any card.
Switching cards are available for RS-232, video, fiber, and CAT5 and CAT6 connections.

Mix it up.
Use the system to support both new and legacy technologies. Add cards for fast CAT6 10-GbE networking while keeping connections for older RS-232 and 75-ohm video connections.

Control power.
To power a backup network, choose the 1-In/2-Out Power Switch Modules. Or, to set up a redundant backup power supply, choose the 2-In/1-Out models. Both are available with advanced network reporting functions.

  • Add reliability to critical networks and systems with a 4U Gang Switch system.
  • Monitor and control access to networks remotely.
  • Gang switch all ports or switch individual ports.
  • Automate the backup of individual connections or entire networks based on port failure or time of day.
  • daisy chain up to 255 racks.
  • Holds up to 16 switch modules in a single chassis
  • One daisy-chained system can support up to 4080 ports

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