Black Box Industrial Ethernet Surge Protector, DIN Rail -

Black Box Industrial Ethernet Surge Protector, DIN Rail

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Product Description
This single-port, industrial-strength Ethernet surge protector brings data line protection to 10-/100-Mbps links on plant floors and in other harsh areas.

The durable DIN mount protector suits temperatures ranging from -40 to +176� F (-40 to +80° C) and is designed to protect all eight pins of standard CAT5e cabling.

Use this compact device alongside other CAT5e cabled DIN rail equipment, such as hardened switches, media converters, and repeaters. Protecting 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX connections from transient surges, the surge protector doesn't degrade data signals as they pass through.

And it works in Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications, too. The 802.11af-compatible surge protector supports both PoE operating modes: Mode A, with power applied to the data pairs (Pins 1/2 and Pins 3/6) and Mode B, with power applied to the unused pairs (Pins 4/5 and Pins 7/8).

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