Black Box MCX G2 HDMI Decoder - 4K60, Copper

Black Box MCX G2 HDMI Decoder - 4K60, Copper

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Product Description

MCX Gen2 Encoders and Decoders extend and switch video, audio, RS-232, and USB 2.0 signals, or display all of your sources via built-in video wall management. Ideal for point-to-point secure video conferencing, hotel or convention center displays, multi-monitor broadcasts, distributed video matrix or video wall systems, and remote KVM system control, the encoders/decoders comply with TAA specifications.

Easy Setup - Easy Management
Connect each encoder to an AV source (computer, content player) and connect it to a managed 10-GbE network switch. Connect a decoder to each screen you want to display content on and connect it to the same switch. Use the MCX Gen2 Manager for switching or to build and manage a video wall.

Uncompressed 4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 Video
MCX extends uncompressed 4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 video to an unlimited number of displays without sacrificing video quality, or frame rate. It supports up to 10-bit HDR using Software-Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE), allowing AV and data to exist on the same network without reducing network performance, functionality, or capability.

Create Ergonomic Workflows for Operators
Front-panel configuration buttons and On-Screen Display (OSD) streamline workflows.

Choose Copper or Fiber Versions to Suit Your Application
Fiber and copper versions are available.

Zero Latency
Data transfer delay is undistinguishable; encoding and decoding happens in real-time (0.03 milliseconds).

HDMI and USB-C Encoding and Decoding
Connect a variety of devices to your MCX Gen2 units through the HDMI and USB-C ports. Transmit multiple control and data signals with the audio and video, including IR and RS-232.

Local Video Out
Show the input source on a local monitor.

Works with MCX Gen2 Controller
The MCX Gen2 Controller, Ethernet switches, and the encoders/decoders form a distributed video matrix, a multi-viewer system, or a video wall system.

More from the Manufacturer

  • AV, IR, RS-232, and USB 2.0 extension
  • Basic configuration via front-panel buttons with an OSD
  • Extension up to 30 km over fiber (maximum distance depends on the SFP+ module and type of fiber used)
  • Ultra-light compression, lossless for most content
  • HDMI connectivity, 10-Gbps Ethernet, and analog audio
  • IP switchable with zero latency (requires optional MCX Gen2 Controller)

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