Black Box LBH600 Ethernet Switch

Black Box LBH600 Ethernet Switch

  • $ 219.99

Product Description
  • Support VLAN tagging and spanning tree passthrough.
  • Include Link-Loss-Learn (LLL) feature for fast network recovery.

Unlike the Ethernet switches in your wiring closet or computer center, the Ethernet switches at the edges of your network have to put up with the bumps, the dirt, the dampness, and the temperature fluctuations that happen out in the real world. This is where Heavy-Duty Edge Switches from Black Box comes in.

These Heavy-Duty Edge Switches are tough, 6-port copper Ethernet switches that enable you to expand your network even into harsh environments such as factory floors or the outdoors. They're robust, they're easy to set up, and they're available with a vast array of power and durability options.

What's more, you can daisy-chain Heavy-Duty Edge Switches together indefinitely, making them ideal for applications such as traffic signals where many switches are needed over a long distance.

Built tough!
All Heavy-Duty Edge Switches come in a sturdy steel case that withstands heavy use. Plus they're available in three versions to adapt to nearly any environment. Because all three types work together seamlessly, you can use inexpensive Standard Heavy-Duty Edge Switches in protected office environments and choose the more robust Hardened or Extreme Heavy-Duty Edge Switches for harsh locations at your network's edge.

Standard Edge Switches:

  • For use in clean, temperature-controlled environments such as offices and wiring closets.
  • Feature the same heavyweight metal case as our more robust models.

Hardened Edge Switches:

  • For use in dusty or dirty environments - ideal for demanding industrial applications.
  • Rated for a temperature range of -13 and +140° F (-25 and +60° C).
  • The metal case functions as a heat sink so no internal airflow is needed for cooling.
  • Sealed case resists contaminants such as dust, dirt, moisture, smoke, and insects.

Extreme Edge Switches:

  • Robust units for outdoor use require only protection from direct rainfall or standing water.
  • Ideal for applications such as traffic signal control, or for sensors or surveillance cameras in outdoor plants.
  • Rated for above-the-ceiling plenum installation.
  • Rated for an extreme temperature range of -40 to +167° F (-40 to +75° C).
  • Feature a sealed case, which uses its own metal shell as a heat sink.

Multiple power options.

  • Standard models come with AC power adapters only, in a choice of 115 or 240 VAC.
  • AC-powered Hardened and Extreme Switches feature robust 100- to 240-VAC power supplies.
  • DC-powered Hardened and Extreme units have internal screw terminals for connecting DC power. You can even provide redundant power input with the optional Dual-Source Cable Kit.

Easy to set up.
Heavy-Duty Edge Switches are literally plug-and-play. Their copper ports are autosensing for speed and duplex, adjusting to the connected device automatically. Plus, the ports feature Auto MDI/MDI-X, eliminating the need for crossover cables.

Each switch has two full sets of LED indicators: one set on the front for viewing convenience when the switch is DIN rail or wall-mounted and one set mounted in the end next to the media ports for easy viewing when units are in a rackmount tray.

Heavy-Duty Edge Switches feature non-blocking switching architecture with a 2K MAC address table. The 128K buffer memory makes it easy to interconnect 10- and 100-Mbps devices.

  • Six 10-/100-Mbps RJ45 switch ports.
  • Suitable for dusty or dirty environments with a temperature range between -40 and +167� F (-40 to +75� C).
  • 12VDC power input.
  • Includes panel mount kit.

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