Black Box KVS4-1004VM KVM Switchbox

Black Box KVS4-1004VM KVM Switchbox

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Product Description

Guard sensitive data in defense applications, secure control rooms, server operations, corporate, educational, medical, banking, insurance, transit, or industrial applications, and more. This switch uses mechanical, electrical, and optical signal isolation to prevent hacking and data leakage. Control KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) operation on up to 2 or 4 DisplayPort computers with 1 or 2 HDMI displays.

Complies with NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Device Version 4.0

The switches are tested and certified under the USA scheme for NIAP Protection Profile 4.0.

Front-Panel Buttons

Securely switch between sources.

Maximum Security

Inverted signals control data relays to guard connections against outside intrusion. Each port has an isolated data channel and each unit uses non-reprogrammable ROM with no data leakage between ports. Isolated connections also prevent data leaks between secure ports and the outside world when accessing classified and public networks over the internet.

Secure EDID Learn and Video Emulation

The switch emulates a keyboard and mouse for each attached computer via a USB cable. Selected and non-selected computers maintain a connection with the unit's keyboard-mouse emulation controllers, allowing for ultra-fast switching and restricting the discovery of newly connected peripherals during switching. Emulation also prevents the direct connection between peripherals and connected computers.

Tamperproof Seals

Built-in tamperproof seals and a long-life internal anti-tamper battery keep devices secure.

MST Transmits DP Signals

Multi-Stream Transport (MST) on DisplayPort 1.2 connectors provide a direct source-to-screens connection and enable a source PC or laptop to display signals on extra displays. With MST, duplicate your primary display, extend your display across several monitors, or create a video wall, without running more cables.

Optional CAC Port

Add a Common Access Card (CAC) reader at point-of-sale in retail or for access in other industries.

  • Certified for NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Device Version 4.0
  • Connects via Single-Monitor or Dual-Monitor HDMI video interface at the user side
  • Drives DisplayPort with MST signals at the source side
  • Made in the USA - TAA Compliant
  • Uses an external power supply
  • Choose models with or without CAC

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