Black Box Fiber Optic Network Cable

Black Box Fiber Optic Network Cable

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Product Description

Cisco Compatible Active Optical Cable (AOC) Connects Network Equipment at Speeds up to 25 Gbps

Black Box SFP28 Active Optical Cables provide premium, error-free performance for data, storage, and high-performance computing (HPC) interconnectivity. 100% compatible to Cisco SFP-25G-AOC1M= and other lengths, you can rest assured when making connections amongst your Cisco switches, routers, and servers. Constructed for full compliance with the SFP28 Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), SFF-8402, SFF-8431, and SFF-8472 industry standards, you can also make connections amongst your non-Cisco, non-proprietary 25Gb networking equipment. Programmed, tested and serialized to ensure compliance and functionality, Black Box Active Optical Cables are the ideal solution for 25Gb Ethernet, Infiniband (QDR, SDR, DDR), Fiber Channel applications, and more.

Ultra-Thin and Light Design Ideal for High-Density, High-Bandwidth Applications

Active Optical Cables are an ultra-thin and light solution, making them perfect for use in today's increasingly high-density applications, where they take up less space and put less stress on equipment. The increase in space leads to increased airflow, saving you money on cooling overheated equipment. Also, optical technology provides significantly higher bandwidth than direct attach copper, allowing for ultra-fast data transmission at long distances while copper DAC solutions start to experience excessive bit error rates over 5m.

All-in-One Solution Makes for Simple Connections with Low Latency

With an all-in-one, hot-swappable cable design, active optical cables provide you with an easy to connect solution that doesn't require purchasing multiple transceivers and cabling. The lack of additional connection points also means lower latency, so you can be confident of your data integrity. Hot-swappability makes upgrades and equipment replacements a breeze, minimizing downtime to your network connectivity. In addition, AOC's provide a low power solution (less than 1W) that is essential in today's high data rate applications.

Minimal EMI Profile

Active Optical Cables (AOC) feature a minimal EMI/RFI profile due to their fiber optic construction. Superior resistance to EMI/RFI ensures data integrity, which is essential in today's ultra-high density applications that cannot tolerate any signal downtime or interruption. And as security concerns continue to grow, fiber is well suited to preventing tapping of your data.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Perfect for point-to-point, intra-rack, and rack-to-rack connections of 25Gb equipment.
  • Ideal solution for 25Gb Ethernet, Infiniband (QDR, SDR, DDR), Fiber Channel applications, and more.
  • Low power usage (less than 1W) is extremely valuable in high data rate applications.
  • Ultra-thin and light optical cabling ideal for high-density networking applications.
  • Utilizes VCSEL technology over 850nm multimode fiber for optimal performance.
  • 25GBase-AOC 25Gbps Direct Attach Cable.
  • SFP28 Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), SFF-8402, SFF-8431 and SFF-8472 compliant.
  • 100% Compatible to Cisco SFP-25G-AOC1M= and other lengths.

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