Black Box Fiber Optic Duplex Patch Network Cable

Black Box Fiber Optic Duplex Patch Network Cable

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Product Description

Black Box's Connect line of general-purpose OM3 50/125 multimode cabling is constructed to meet or exceed TIA/EIA industry standards, providing you the functionality you need without the premium price. With support for 10Gbase-SR and 10Gbase-LRM, you can connect all of your 10G SFP+ transceivers while maintaining backward compatibility with existing 50/125 multimode equipment. Aqua in color, they are easy to distinguish from orange-colored OM1/OM2 cabling. These cables are constructed of 2.0-mm duplex zipcord style cabling. They feature an OFNR PVC jacket that is certified for use in riser applications to prevent the spread of fire from floor to floor. Additionally, we perform 100 percent testing during production to ensure every one of our cables provides the utmost performance and protection in any application.

  • 100 percent testing to ensure optimal performance.
  • OFNR PVC fiber optic cabling certified for use in riser applications.
  • Connector options are available in combinations of LC, SC, and ST.
  • Backward compatible with existing OM2 50/125 MMF equipment.
  • Supports data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps.
  • 10Gbase-SR and 10Gbase-LRM compliant for use with SFP+ transceivers.
  • Uses laser-optimized multimode fiber (LOMMF).
  • OM3 multimode patch cables for use in 10-Gbps applications.

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