Black Box DCX Digital KVM Matrix Switch - 10-Port -

Black Box DCX Digital KVM Matrix Switch - 10-Port

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Product Description
  • Provides Zero U' DVI, VGA and DisplayPort Server Access Modules
  • Features a multi-view thumbnail on-screen display so that all systems can be seen on the screen at the same time.
  • Supports multiple users on Windows, MAC, and Linux-based computer systems.
  • Designed for small and medium sized applications.
  • Migrate from analog to digital KVM.
  • Supports server access modules (SAMs) and receivers using shielded CAT6 cable.

High-performance HD KVM matrix switching that provides powerful functionality inside a small, compact form enabling multiple users to access multiple computers located safely and securely inside server rooms.

Small, yet powerful.

Small in size, but large in features and performance, the DCX1000 is an ideal solution for process monitoring and control, broadcast studios, medical labs, test beds, and advanced data centers where the personnel numbers are lower than in enterprise-sized organizations.

10-port, slim chassis and small SAMs

The DCX1000 is an attractive option for small to medium applications with 10 ports to support a combination of users and servers.

Interface-powered server access modules (SAMs) extend DVI or DisplayPort and USB signals over shielded CAT6 or higher rating. The switch can be located up to 32 feet (10 m) from the SAM, and up to 164 feet (50 m) from the CPU or server. The SAMs support audio via the USB interface, and the receiver can output the audio through the 3.5-mm jack.

Intuitive user interface

The unique and easy-to-use graphical interface is more intuitive to use than a text-based on-screen menu (OSD). Choose from auto-refreshed preview thumbnails, which are larger and easier to see. The GUI shows all connected devices in a layout that makes the matrix simple to view at a glance.

Zero compression, pixel perfect

The DCX1000 delivers every pixel of every video frame with zero compression and zero latency, fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding graphical applications and guaranteeing perfect video synchronization for multiple display applications.

Secure configuration

Secure system configuration is provided by the Web user interface (UI), which is also compatible with tablet and mobile devices. The UI gives an administrator control for connected devices, enabling the choice of video only, shared, private, or exclusive access modes to be set up. In private mode, other users are able to view the shared video, but have no keyboard and mouse access to the target. In exclusive mode, no other user has access to the configuration.

  • High-performance HD KVM matrix switching system for smaller multiuser applications.
  • 10 configurable user/computer port digital KVM matrix switch.
  • Multi-view thumbnail on-screen display
  • Exclusive and private connection modes add security level
  • Lossless HD video
  • KVM extension distance of up to 32 feet (10 m) from server access modules (SAM) to switch; up to 164 feet (50 m) from switch to remote (must use shielded CAT6A or CAT7 cable).
  • Features USB for keyboard, mouse and touchscreen.

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