Black Box BasketPAC Cable Tray

Black Box BasketPAC Cable Tray

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Product Description
  • The BasketPAC Cable Tray system is the tough cable management solution that's easy to install.
  • Special safety edge protects installers from sharp wires and keeps cables from fraying.
  • A number of splicing hardware options available. Choose from several joining methods including bolt-free splices.

Convenient 78"" (198.1 cm) trays are compact enough to ship through UPS® and fit onto an elevator.

Even the best cable management solution is useless if it's too large to transport to the job site. BasketPAC Cable Tray Sections are 78"" (198.1-cm) long, rather than the standard 118"" length of older cable tray systems, making them easier to move and manage. You can ship Cable Tray Sections by a common carrier without resorting to a freight service. Elevators and narrow stairwells are no barrier.

Cable Tray Sections come in 2"" , 4"" , 6"" , 8"" , and 12"" widths. All are shipped in packs of four. One pack reaches up to 26 feet (7.9 m). Order the Offset Tray Cutter to cut Cable Tray Sections to size for installation.

Each package of Cable Tray Sections includes Fast Splices, which enable you to quickly and easily connect sections without using bolts. For alternative splicing methods, you can also order optional splice washers or snap-in splices. See Related Items below. Other options include a number of tray-support products that enable you to run tray sections along walls, under floors or suspended from the ceiling. For help specifying your perfect BasketPAC Cable Tray system, contact our FREE Tech Support.

  • Guaranteed for life!
  • Precision-engineered, high-quality, welded steel wire construction.
  • Simplified hardware means cable tray sections go together quickly and easily.

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