Axiom Network Connector

Axiom Network Connector

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Product Description
Axiom fiber optic attenuators are designed for use in optical links with single-mode cables to reduce the power level of the fiber optic signal.

When fiber devices are connected with short runs of cable the signal can be too strong to receive on the other end. The optical signal doesn't have time to attenuate or lose strength as it travels down the fiber resulting in what is known as 'receive saturation'. This condition can damage optics because the signal exceeds the operating range of the receiving equipment. So when the signal reaches the other end it reflects back along the optical cable, causes distortion and disrupts data.

Attenuators solve this problem by incrementally reducing the power of the fiber optic signal and allows you to fine tune the fixed return loss in your network.

  • Available in standard fixed attenuation values of 1dB up to 25dB
  • Applications include CWDM, DWDM, Test Equipment, CATV Systems, P2P systems and more
  • Attenuating Material-ion Doped Fiber
  • Works in 1260nm to 1620nm wavelength singlemode applications
  • UPC and APC precision polishing for reduced back reflection
  • High precision fiber optic ceramic ferrules
  • Snap in body for fast, solid connections

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