APC by Schneider Electric NetShelter 42-Outlets PDU

APC by Schneider Electric NetShelter 42-Outlets PDU

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Product Description

APC NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced provide reliable power distribution to IT Equipment within server and/or networking racks. Switched outlets to turn outlets on or off remotely. Outlet and PDU level power metering for power visibility and notification of potential overload. 4-in-1 combination outlets which can be used as either C13, C19, C15, or C21 outlets provide unparreled deployment flexibility. Maximum outlet density with 42 outlets in a 2.2" wide form factor. Outlets on the PDUs are color coded and/or labeled by breaker and input phase on 3 phase models to simplify deployment. Provides an alternating phase design whereby each of the 3 phases are organized into small outlet groups which alternate from top to bottom of the PDU to facilitate better power cord management and promote better load balancing. Power Sharing allows PDUs cascaded together via 2 ethernet ports enable an Network Management Card to continue functioning in the event of an AC power loss. No interruption in Network communication, sensors operation, and alarm traps. Live Swap Network Management Card (NMC) which can be replaced without powering down the PDU or connected devices to minimize downtime in the unlikely event of an NMC power event. Rated and approved to operate up to 60C (140F) at full load ensures reliability and availability even in today's high density deployments. Gigabit ethernet to enhance and standardize network connectivity across all assets in the data center. A second ethernet port (10/100) is available to allow cascading to other PDUs, connect to a 2nd private network, or provide network redundancy. 1% metering accuracy for the peace of mind to use NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced to bill based on power usage. In addition, the higher level of accuracy ensures the most precise measures for capacity planning and threshold alarm monitoring. Two environmental sensor ports allow for optional sensors (sold separately) to be connected.

  • With PDUs decisions for load balancing and minimizing extra cost can be managed
  • With switched PDU, remotely monitor, connect or disconnect data center loads
  • IEC 60320 C13/C15/C19/C21 receptacle type to ensure maximum usability and reliable power output
  • Three Phase phase PDU provides optimal power output with added usability
  • CS8365C 50A plug/connector type for reliable, productive connectivity and optimal power output
  • 230 V AC input voltage for better reliance and maximum dependability
  • 208 V AC output voltage for better reliance and maximum usability

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