Aerohive Atom AP30 Dual Band IEEE 802.11ac 867 Mbit/s Wireless Access Point

Aerohive Atom AP30 Dual Band IEEE 802.11ac 867 Mbit/s Wireless Access Point

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Product Description

Aerohive Atom AP30 revolutionizes the way Wi-Fi is designed, deployed, and RE-deployed, providing enterprise access, monitoring, and analytics in a new compact form factor. With a simple and intuitive design coupled with pain-free installation and automated over-the-air setup, Atom AP30 is the ideal choice for a variety of dynamic use cases including delivering instant network access, plugging RF holes, providing security and analytics, and remote VPN access.

Aerohive Atom AP30 is equipped with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for connectivity and monitoring services. With multiple operating modes, the Atom AP30 can be used to extend Wi-Fi connectivity via existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, bridge IoT devices, or scan the RF environment for business and security applications.

Atom AP30 can be deployed as a complete access or sensor solution, or in combination with Aerohive's extensive Wi-Fi portfolio for high density networks. With client mode, Atom AP30 can even mesh to 3rd party networks.

Administrators can quickly deploy the Atom AP30 in any location that has connectivity requirements. No need to run new cables or ceiling-mount this access point, simply find a power outlet and plug it in. Once powered, Atom AP30 can be Ethernet connected to a neighboring data outlet, mesh to an existing network, or operate as an overlay sensor.

Aerohive Atom AP30 can help organizations quickly, easily, and more cost-effectively solve for all manner of use cases without having to install or re-position a ceiling-mounted access point, including, but not limited to:

Quickly eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones - Aerohive Atom AP30 instantly extends coverage to dead zones. Aerohive Atom AP30 can be temporarily or permanently installed in minutes to eliminate dead zones in distant corners of the office, long hallways or passageways, staircases, breakrooms, storage rooms, etc., saving the time and money of pulling new cable or re-positioning existing ceiling-mounted access points.

Easily solve density issues in meeting spaces - Aerohive Atom AP30 can augment overloaded ceiling-mounted access points in any-sized meeting space. Aerohive Atom AP30 can be temporarily or permanently installed in minutes to mitigate overloaded ceiling-mounted access points in conference rooms, training rooms, cafeterias, lobby areas, waiting rooms, gymnasiums, etc.

Improve performance for 3rd party networks - Aerohive Atom AP30 can connect to 3rd-party Wi-Fi networks to help compensate coverage or capacity challenges. With sensor mode equipped, Aerohive Atom AP30 may also be used to monitor 3rd-party networks for efficiency so that administrators can optimize their network accordingly.
  • When connected to a compatible router or a network switch, this wireless access point lets you enjoy wireless internet connectivity throughout your home or office
  • 867 Mbit/s wireless transmission speed provides better reception, and dependable connectivity with maximum productivity
  • With IEEE 802.11ac standard and up to 867 Mbit/s data transfer rates, this wireless access point enables efficient network performance
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for ultra-fast wired network speeds
  • Internal antenna form factor for enhanced performance and feasible placement
  • Plug-in form factor for your usage convenience and better reliance

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