2N IP Style Video Door Phone Sub Station

2N IP Style Video Door Phone Sub Station

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Product Description

Winner of the 2021 CE Pro BEST Product Award at CEDIA Expo. Our brand-new video intercom with a 10?? touch display is designed to turn heads at any high-end residential or office entrance. Supercharged with the AXIS ARTPEC-7 processor, full-HD camera and WaveKey technology, 2N® IP Style will define the future of intercoms for years ahead.

  • Camera of the future
  • Fastest mobile access control
  • Premium 10" display

  • CAMERA OF THE FUTURE: Enhance your projects with an intercom which can handle multiple simultaneous full HD streams and has a 5 MPx chip. It supports WDR and provides colour image, even in low light conditions.
  • FASTEST MOBILE ACCESS CONTROL: Rely on our evolutionary WaveKey technology. We successfully opened the door 15,000 times using 100 different phones. So we are sure that in 98% of cases we open the door in less than 1 second.
  • PREMIUM 10" DISPLAY: The extreme brightness of the display guarantees excellent readability, even in direct sunlight. You will also captivate users with the immediate response and smooth animations.
  • IP65 AND IK08 CERTIFIED DURABILITY: Don't be fooled by the fully glazed surface. The 2N® IP Style can easily resist heavy rain, a dusty environment, and even attacks by vandals.
  • PLEASURE TO INSTALL: Together with you, we developed a new installation mechanism. Thanks to a patented tilt-out system, you have both hands free to work with the cables.
  • CUSTOMISE UI TO YOUR PROJECT: Select from 2 different ways of displaying the intercom's user interface. You'll satisfy the specifics of apartment or office buildings and tweak the user experience to perfection.
  • 3 TYPES OF ACCESS TECHNOLOGY: Let users decide how they provide authentication at the door using a mobile phone, RFID card or PIN code. All in one product.
  • DAZZLING LOOK: Have a large surface of marble paving or a modern rustic metal at the entrance of a building? 2N® IP Style will accentuate the design of even the most architecturally captivating building.

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