Tripp Lite UPS Maintenance Bypass Panel SV100KL, SV120KL 3Ph UPS 3 Breakers

Tripp Lite UPS Maintenance Bypass Panel SV100KL, SV120KL 3Ph UPS 3 Breakers

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Product Description

UPS Maintenance Bypass Panel Keeps Equipment Powered During UPS Maintenance

This wall-mount three-breaker maintenance bypass panel is compatible with Tripp Lite's SV100KL and SV120KL 3-phase UPS systems. It allows you to reroute power around the UPS, providing an alternate path for electricity that keeps the connected load operational while the UPS is offline for maintenance or repairs.

Features 3 Built-In Circuit Breakers to Isolate Loads

Three circuit breakers - an AC input breaker, a maintenance bypass breaker and a maintenance isolation breaker - are connected to heavy-duty buswork and isolate the UPS system from its connected load with no loss of network availability. This allows the load to remain continuously powered without costly downtime. A Kirk-key interlock system enhances safety and security. Removable handles allow the panel's trim cover to be removed for internal access. The 400A unit has a kAIC rating of 10K.

Switching Between Normal and Bypass Modes Is Easy

When a UPS needs maintenance, this UPS bypass panel keeps power supplied to components via its mechanical interlock system by switching power to the external bypass breaker. Simply unscrew the interlock switch, rotate the switch from the UPS AC input breaker (SW1) to the bypass breaker (SW2), then turn on the bypass breaker and turn off the UPS and isolation breaker (SW3) to perform UPS maintenance without service interruption.

Convenient Wall-Mount Installation

Made of galvanized steel, the service bypass panel has rear mounting holes for installation on a smooth, solid wall (mounting hardware not included).

  • Isolates UPS from connected loads for maintenance without losing network availability
  • Maintenance bypass panel mounts to wall next to UPS for convenient access
  • 400A 10 kAIC unit has 3 built-in circuit breakers connected to heavy-duty buswork
  • Secure Kirk-key interlock system prevents unauthorized access to power
  • Compatible with Tripp Lite SV100KL and SV120KL 3-phase UPS systems
  • 1-year limited warranty

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