Linksys Hydra Pro 6: Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router

Linksys Hydra Pro 6: Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router

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Product Description

FEATURES | Get the Speed You Need

Take work and play to the next level with higher speeds and wider coverage in every corner of your home. Equipped with Intelligent Mesh, this dual-band router delivers the true power of WiFi 6 technology. With incredibly fast connectivity, easy setup, advanced security, and parental controls, the Hydra Pro 6 delivers next-level streaming and gaming to your home.

Make the Most of WiFi 6 Speed

Access to higher bandwidth limits enables the true power of WiFi 6 technology, delivering the fastest connection with everything you do.

More Devices than Ever Before

WiFi 6 sends and receives multiple streams of data simultaneously, providing up to 4x more WiFi capacity to handle more gaming, and smart home devices.

The Future Looks Bright

Future-ready hardware with Intelligent Mesh™ Technology and guaranteed updates keep your connection going strong.

4.2x Faster Performance than an AC Router

Six-stream WiFi with up to 574 + 4804 Mbps for ultra-fast wireless speeds.

Easy Setup and Control

It's simple to set up, lets you access your network from anywhere, and view or prioritize which connected devices are using the most WiFi-all from the free Linksys app.

Industry-Leading Technology

The Qualcomm Immersive Home 216 Platform delivers the ultimate WiFi 6 experience. This next-gen technology evolves home and business WiFi with wire-like stability and beyond-fast performance.

Efficient Use of Routing

OFDMA Increases efficiency in high-density scenarios, delivering high-speed WiFi to multiple devices simultaneously.

Reduces Power Consumption

WiFi 6 allows devices to wake and send or receive data on their own, effectively and efficiently boosting battery life.

More from the Manufacturer

  • WiFi 6 means higher speeds for more devices
  • Future-ready Intelligent Mesh keeps your connection going strong
  • 160 MHz channels unleash the power & ultra-reliable connectivity of WiFi 6
  • The Qualcomm™ Immersive Home 216 Platform delivers wire-like stability
  • Easy set-up and control through the Linksys App

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