Defender HDD 35 AES 256-Bit Hardware Encrypted External Hard Drive

Defender HDD 35 AES 256-Bit Hardware Encrypted External Hard Drive

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Product Description

The new Kanguru Defender HDD 35™ hardware encrypted external hard drive is the most advanced secure hard drive you can buy. With highly secure FIPS 197 Certified, 256-bit AES hardware encryption (XTS mode), SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data transfer rates, onboard AntiVirus by award-winning BitDefender®, generous storage space (available up to 5TB capacity) and optional remote management capabilities, this encrypted hard drive is simply the best option for securing sensitive data. Now available with Mac compatibility, it is designed to address the most stringent security regulations and policies for both Mac OS and PC platforms with the greatest of ease. Since the hardware encryption is built right in, you don't have to install software, and there's no need for administrative rights for use. Just plug it in, set up, and you have powerful password protection, anti-virus scanning and large-capacity data storage on the go! The Kanguru Defender HDD 35 can also be customized to your organization's specific security needs with custom engraving for logos, serial numbers, etc.

With the Kanguru Defender HDD 35, you get the best of the best: industry-leading hardware encryption compatible with both Mac and PC, Superspeed USB3.0 data transfer speeds, world-class AntiVirus by BitDefender®, and powerful remote management capabilities. It's ideal for carrying sensitive government or corporate information quickly and easily. The Defender HDD 35 is powered by a USB connection, so there is no need for bulky power adapters, and housed in a high strength aluminium housing for extra defense.

In addition, the new Kanguru Defender HDD 35 hardware encrypted external hard drive provides the option to be managed remotely using Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC), an industry-leading management application for securing and managing flash drives and hard drives. Using KRMC with your organization's Kanguru Defender HDD 35 drives allow administrators to remotely delete lost or stolen drives, manage passwords (strength, updates and remote resets, etc.), locate USB devices, ensure drives are in compliance with set security policies and much more. KRMC™ can be used with one or an entire fleet of secure portable data devices, and significantly reduces the risks of a data breach.

  • FIPS 197, 256-Bit AES Hardware Encryption (XTS Mode)
  • Mac and Windows Compatible
  • Available in Capacities of 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 5TB
  • Secure Firmware

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