IOGEAR UpStream Pro Dual Video Capture Adapter

IOGEAR UpStream Pro Dual Video Capture Adapter

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Product Description

Broadcast-Level AV Capture, Mix, Effects & Control for Live Streaming

Capture and create customized, high-quality video with professional effects from multiple sources and control your program via a smartphone with the UpStream™ Pro Dual Video Capture Adapter. Along with the FREE UpStream™ Essentials App, you'll get the essential pro tools needed to create a customized, broadcast-level video finish in real-time that's ready to stream.

The UpStream Pro Dual Video Capture Adapter is perfect for adding a professional-level finish to your videos, taking them to the next level.

Take Your Video to the Next Level

Add a high-quality camera and mic to dramatically improve the quality of your Zoom or Teams presentations, customize your YouTube videos for a wider audience, or enhance live streaming programs from an Android phone or a game console.

Make Live Streams More Dynamic With Broadcast-Quality Finish

Easily create dynamic videos with eight (8) preset scenes, add studio video editing effects like Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and split screens; resize and crop images and customize green-screen backgrounds with the chroma key tool.

1. Capture

Capture and mix HD and 4K video and audio from multiple sources, including HDMI, RCA, and XLR microphone inputs.

2. Create

Create engaging videos with scene presets and by adding studio effects like Picture-in-Picture and split-screen. Effortlessly customize green-screen backgrounds with the chroma key feature.

3. Control

Control your entire program right from the UpStream Essentials App on your smartphone via Bluetooth® wireless, freeing up a desktop or laptop to run OBS Studios or other streaming software. Or stream directly from your smartphone via mobile streaming software.

Improve Your Video Quality & Add a 2nd Camera

Capture and mix HD and 4K video by adding up to two (2) high-quality cameras with 4K resolutions to significantly improve video image quality over an existing webcam. A second camera adds another perspective to your video calls and Team chat sessions and doubles for in-person interviews, trainings, presentations, video podcasts, or any two-camera program need.

Improve Your Audio Quality - Add a Pro Microphone & Audio Equipment

Excellent audio is a must-have for professional-quality live streams and recordings. Adding a dedicated microphone and managing audio levels is a breeze with the Dual Capture Adapter. Capture, mix and manage audio from multiple sources, including HDMI, RCA, and XLR microphone inputs; even add an audio mixer board for more audio inputs as needed.

Mix Audio & Video Easily With the UpStream Essentials App

Mix right from your smartphone with the UpStream Essentials App for both Android™ and iPhone®. Control your program right from your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless to free up a desktop or laptop running streaming software or stream directly from your smartphone with a compatible third-party app.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Supports protected video switching mode for regular event usage
  • Automatic audio transitions are ideal for podcasts & interviews
  • Real-time video preview and program management
  • Audio mixer with dual analog audio inputs
  • Change backgrounds, add green screen effects with built-in chroma key tool
  • Broadcast-level finish - Picture-in-Picture (PIP) & split screen options
  • Clear cut Android/iOS App lets you control & select scenes, customize live streams
  • Operate via smartphone app, control adapter via Bluetooth wireless
  • Connects to your streaming desktop, laptop or mobile device via USB 3.1
  • Capture & mix two (2) unencrypted live 4K videos at 1080p

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