Black Box Freedom II KM Switch - 8-Port -

Black Box Freedom II KM Switch - 8-Port

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Product Description

Glide-and-switch technology enables you to easily access information and control operations across eight computer systems and monitors by simply moving your mouse from screen to screen
The Freedom II works like an extended desktop switch. With it, you can perform functions that ordinarily would require eight separate keyboard/mouse sets. Use it to create a unified desktop system with eight computers with similar or different operating systems. You'll free up valuable desktop space, save money on equipment and simplify your work.

The Freedom II is ideal for command and control applications such as in:

  • Broadcasting
  • Public safety
  • Industrial
  • Defense
  • Transportation

Not only can you switch between computer by just moving your mouse, you can also simultaneously access a mix of USB peripherals.

The Freedom II integrates with the Black Box Agility IP-based KVM system. It can interface with up to four Agility receivers that are connected over a LAN to remote servers or PCs. You can then switch the Agility targets using one keyboard and mouse.

You may also want the Freedom II LED system, a 10-port accessory that supports up to 10 LEDs. When connected to the Freed, the LEDs show where the keyboard/mouse controls are located. Each LED designates a monitor connection.
No software is needed for single-head support, so setup is simplified. Additionally the Freedom II works with all know software and operating systems. Multi-head support with Glide-and-Switch is only supported on Windows OS.

  • Glide a mouse from screen to screen to switch computers.
  • Clean up the desktop. Use one keyboard and mouse for eight computers.
  • Share two USB peripherals among all computer systems.
  • Copy and paste files between systems when the Freedom is used in standalone mode.
  • Features an auto-combiner for all audio channels.
  • Switch five ways: mouse, keyboard, front-panel buttons, remote control or Glide-and-Switch technology.
  • Channel indicator makes it easy to see which display is currently selected.
  • Improve desktop ergonomics.

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